Indonesia International Bachdim Shows Off Nike Mercurial 1998 Boots

Indonesian footballer Irfan Bachdim, who currently plays for Japanese side Consadole Sapporo, has shown off a utterly classy pair of football boots. And even though the brands such as Adidas and Nike try to release boots that are designed to stand out on the pitch on a regular basis, the Nike Mercurial 1998 Cleats worn by Irfan Bachdim boots make a more outstanding statement on the pitch than most of the boots that were released recently.

Irfan Bachdim Laces Up In Nike Mercurial 1998 Cleats

Close-up pictures of the boots worn by the Indonesian forward.

Combining the classic colors black and white, the Nike Mercurial 1998 Boots worn by the Indonesian international are visually quite inconspicuous. However, it makes every boot fanatic extremely happy to see the boots? But why?

Released in 1998, the Nike Mercurial silo changed the look and feel of performance boots forever. Whereas previous high-end boots were made from leather and did not put a focus on a lightweight design, the Nike Mercurial Cleat, which started out as a lightweight addition to the Tiempo series, introduced various innovations, including a thinner sole plate and the infamous KNG-100 synthetic upper, for ultimate speed over 90 minutes (Find out more about the history of the Mercurial).

However, whereas Irfan Bachdim laced up in the first-ever quite understated black and silver Mercurial colorway, the actual more iconic and 'trademark' Mercurial 1998 boot is the spectacular silver, blue and yellow Nike Mercurial 1998 World Cup Boot that was worn by Brazil legend Ronaldo in the 1998 World Cup Final against France.

What a choice. Would you like to see more active players lacing up in classic football boots? Let us know in the comments below.