Liverpool FC Legends vs Australia Legends | The Extraordinary Boots Worn by Players Such as Hamann, Fábio Aurélio and Rush

Legendary players, one-of-a-kind boots. We take a closer at the boots worn in the match between Liverpool FC Legends and Australia Legends last Thursday. And while we already too a detailed look at what back then seemed to be the most interesting boot choice in the legend match (Robbie Fowler's Tape and Unbranded Nike Tiempo Legend Boot), we today took a more detailed look at the cleats worn by the legends and found some boot choices that were even more interesting, and that with large distance.

Robbie Fowler | Taped and Unbranded Nike Tiempo Legend Boots

Let's kick off with the boots that we already featured on this website last Friday. Former Liverpool FC striker Robbie Fowler laced up in unique pair of the Nike Tiempo Legend V Boot that boasted two remarkable elements: First, hidden brandings. Second, a strange tape around the toe box area (More info here).

Dietmar Hamann | Old Nike Premier

Liverpool's legend Dietmar Hamann, who is highly respected by supporters of Liverpool not only becuase of his involvement in the 2005 Champions League Final, laced up in pair of extremely old Nike Premier Boots (Interestingly, he wore Adidas Predator Boots in the 2005 CL Final).

Ned Zelic | Puma V1.08 Silver / Black / White

Ned Zelić, who played for not less than twelve different teams in his career, laced up in a silver, black and white pair of the Puma V1.08 Boots.

Ian Rush | Nike Premier

Ian Rush opted for the modern edition of Nike's classic Nike Premier Boots.

Phil Babb & Jason Colina | Adidas Predator LZ

Liverpool's Phil Babb and Australia's Jason Colina have less in common apart from the fact that both laced up in Adidas Predator LZ Boots. And while Phil Babb opted for the first generation of the boots, Jason Colina wore the black, red and white version of the second generation of the control boot.

Josip Skoko | Adidas Copa Mundial

Former central midfielder Josip Skoko laced up in the most classic boots that is available on the market. The infamous Adidas Copa Mundial.

Scott Chipperfield | Adidas Predator Powerswerve

Scott Chipperfield, who played for Swiss club FC Basel for more than a decade during his carrer, showed off the Adidas Predator Powerswerve 2009 Confed Cup Edition that boasts the colors of the flag of South Africa on the tongue and the inner sole.

Stephane Henchoz | Adidas Predator Powerswerve

Stephane Henchoz followed the same line as his one-off teammate Scott Chipperfield. But while the first mentioned laced up in the white Confed Cup Edition, Henchoz opted for a more classic black and white edition.

Steve Corica | Next-Gen Nike Tiempo

Steve Corica's boot choice was anything but extraordinary as he laced up in one of the newest football boots on the market (Black and White Edition of the Nike Tiempo Legend 6).

Vladimir Smicer | Adidas Copa Mundial Whiteout

Vladimir Smicer stood out wearing the almost all-white version of the iconic Adidas Copa Mundial Football Boots.

Mile Sterjovski | Reflective Nike Tiempo Legend V

Mile Sterjovski was actually nothing really special, However, we still decided to include him in this list as a picture of him in the players' tunnel perfectly shows off the reflective effect of his cleats.

John Aldridge | Warrior Skreamer

Former Republic of Ireland footballer John Aldridge laced up in black and yellow pair of the Warrior Skreamer Boots that was discounted together with Warrior Football.

Jason McAteer | Adidas Adipure IV Blackout / Gold

Jason McAteer showed off yet another discounted boots as he laced up in an almost blackout version of the Adidas Adipure IV Boots that were released in 2008.

Fabio Aurelio | Black Adidas F50 Adizero Prime Leather

Fabio Aurelio's boot is surely one of the most special cleats spotted in the match. He not only wore a discontinued boot (Adidas F50 Adizero Prime Leather), but he also blacked-out his footwear to hide the brandings of his boots. However, as large parts of the upper are already visible again, his blackout treatment must have been made a long time ago.

Australia's Second Keeper | Nike Tiempo Legend Totti

Australia's 'second goalkeeper' was the only player on the pitch who wore a limited-edition release as he opted for the utterly classy Nike Tiempo Legend V Premium Boots that most remarkably feature Totti's iconic fold-over tongue.

This might have been the most interesting match in terms of boots yet. What's your favorite boot featured in this special Boot Watch Edition? Let us know in the comments below.