Messi Continues to Train in All-New, Revolutionary Adidas Messi 2016-2017 PureAgility Boots

Update: Lionel Messi today again trained in a blackout version of the totally new Adidas Messi 2016-2017 PureAgility Soccer Boots that are set to be officially released in Summer 2016 ahead of the Copa America. The all-new Adidas Messi 2016-2017 Cleats feature a cutting-edge design that has many things in common with the revolutionary laceless Adidas Ace PureControl Boot.

Lionel Messi Trains in Blackout Adidas Ace PureAgility Boots

Close-up pictures of the boots worn by Leo Messi.

Boasting a stealth look, the blackout Lionel Messi 2016-2017 PureAgility Boots feature an one-piece upper that is smoothly connected to the sock-like collar. Compared to the boots Leo Messi wore four months ago, the latest Adidas Messi 2016-2017 Prototype Boot comes with a collar that not only fits closer but is also lower.

The Adidas Messi 2016-2017 PureAgility Prototype Boots feature extremely short laces and a remarkable Honeycomb upper structure, made for better ball control. There is no external heel counter, and there are also no other elements visible on the upper that seems to be extremely smooth.

However, whereas the upper part of the boots is almost identical to the first prototypes Lionel Messi wore, the new pictures finally give us a look the outsole of the Adidas Messi 2016-2017 PureAgility Boots.

The new Adidas Messi 2016-2017 Boots feature a stud configuration made for ultimate agility with a mixture of exceptional small conical (two in the rear area, two in the front area) and triangular studs (seven). You can find out more about the 2016-17 Sprintframe sole plate here.

As revolutionary as the Adidas Ace PureControl? Let us know what you think of the all-new Adidas Messi PureAgility Boots in the comments below, and find out all you need to know about the boots here (including price, launch date and release colorways).