Totally New Early Adidas Ace Prototype Boots Revealed

What does it take to create a totally new football boot silo? While it is well-known that the creation of an all-new soccer cleat can take more than four years, we rarely get a look at all of the prototype boots made during the design process. However, as the boot world has become more networked thanks to the rapid development of the internet in the past few years, we now also get more often a closer look at prototype boots. And as every prototype is almost always interesting, let's get straight into the 'never-seen-before' early Adidas Ace Prototype Cleat.

Early Adidas Ace Prototype Boot Leaked

This is the early Adidas Ace 2015-2016 Prototype Football Boot.

Combining a stealth look with a turquoise inner sole and a lime green sole plate, the latest leaked Adidas Ace Prototype Boot, which was shown off by @cairocleats, is anything but unremarkable. The boot features a shimmering black tongue, while there are no other eye-catching elements.

However, while the upper of the new black, lime green and turquoise Adidas Ace Prototype Soccer Boots looks almost identical to the one of the final version of the control boot, it's the sole plate that makes this prototype interesting.

Boasting the flashy colors lime green, the early Adidas Ace Prototype Cleat comes with a modified Sprintframe sole plate. And even though there is only one picture of the boots that just shows the upper and only a small part of the outsole, it's already visible that the Black / Lime Green / Turquoise Adidas Ace Prototype comes with similar studs as the retail version.

Unfortunately, it's not possible to say if this Adidas Ace Prototype version feature the 'revolutionary' second-layer of studs (made for increased ball control and traction both on Firm Ground and Artificial Grass) that will be already ditched with the launch of the second generation of the boots.

Yet another prototype, and it never gets boring. What do you think of the latest leaked Adidas Ace Prototype Football Boot? Let us know in the comments below, and also check out the cutting-edge prototype cleat worn by Mesut Özil almost two years ago (featuring revolutionary 'Tracking Beacons').