Boot Watch Special | UEFA Futsal Euro

Celebrating the UEFA Futsal Euro 2016, currently taking place in Serbia, we want to bring you a closer look at the football boots worn by some of the best indoor football players in this Boot Watch special.

While Adidas and Nike are just as well-represented at the Futsal Euro as they are on the grass pitches, many smaller and less known brands feature on the feet of the best indoor footballers as well.

Marcel Rodek (Czech Republic) - Joma Sala Free

Joma is one of the most prolific brands in the indoor football game, evidenced by a strong on-court presence at the European championship. Marcel Rodek of the Czech Republic laced up in one of the lesser known models of the brand, the Sala Free.

Humberto Honorio (Italy) - Agla

Italy's Humberto Honorio wears shoes from a brand we bet you've never heard of. Hailing out of Italy, Agla is a specialized producer of futsal footwear.

Jakov Grcić (Croatia) - Nike MagistaX Finale

Nike and Adidas are also very well represented at the Futsal Euro, especially amongst the players of the teams they produce the kits for. Interestingly, the low-cut FootballX models, such as the MagistaX Finale worn by Croatia's Jakov Grcić appear to be more popular overall.

Marko Prsic (Serbia) - Adidas Ace 16.2 Court

Roughly inspired by the current Solar Green Adidas Ace 16.1 cleats, the Adidas Ace 16.2 Court indoor shoes worn by Serbia's Marko Prsic are white with black and green detailing.

Rafa Usín (Spain) - Adidas X15.2 Court

A similar case can be witnessed with the Adidas X 15.2 Court boots worn by Spain's Rafa Usín.

Tomáš Koudelka (Czech Republic) - Joma Top Flex

The weapon of choice of Czech Republic's Tomáš Koudelka is the Joma Top Flex, the Spanish brand's most famous futsal shoe.

Fábio Cecílio (Portugal) - Adidas freefootball TopSala

As the big two are constantly reshuffling their offering for the small-sided game, discontinued models form both Adidas and Nike enjoy a great following to this day. The Adidas freefootball TopSala worn by Portugal's Fábio Cecílio was released just over a year ago, in early 2015.

Daniel Giasson (Italy) - Munich Continental

Another brand with a great reputation in futsal is Munich, based in Barcelona. Italy's Daniel Giasson opted for the Continental in a clean and modern colorway.

Robinho (Russia) - Nike Gato II

Discontinued with the launch of the all-new Nike FootballX range in early 2015, the Nike Gato II still is very popular amongst professional futsal players, including Russia's Robinho. The Brazilian born number 10 wears a Nike-typical Volt / Black colorway.

That's it for the Boots Watch Futsal Special. We hope you enjoyed this out-of-the-ordinary episode and please let us know if you spot something interesting, be it on the court or the pitch.