The Ace 16 Won't be Available to Customize Anytime Soon

Adidas has confirmed that it is currently not planning to release the second-gen Adidas Ace 16.1 boots on This means that it won't be possible to design custom paint jobs for the new Adidas Ace 2016 cleats.

The second generation of the Adidas Ace soccer cleats was launched just over two weeks ago and has already seen two further color updates since. January also saw the first-ever release of the laceless Adidas Ace 16+ PureControl boots, worn by the likes of Mesut Özil, Dele Alli and Ivan Rakitic.

Adidas Ace 16 Not Coming to miadidas

The Adidas Ace 16.1 won't be launched on

In reply to a fan on Twitter, Adidas wrote that there are currently no plans to make the Ace 16 available on miadidas, ending all speculation that arose after last month's unveiling. This news will definitely come as a blow to many fans of the brand who had hoped to be able to design own paint jobs for the Ace 16.1, Primeknit and PureControl.

It looks like this won't be possible anytime soon. [via 10 Stunning Adidas Ace 16+ PureControl Colorway Concepts]

"We don't currently plan to release ACE16 on"Last summer, the Adidas Ace 15.1 soccer boots were available to customize shortly after they first launched, allowing people to create unique and interesting own takes on the design.

Custom Adidas Ace 15.1 from miadidas

Thankfully, a later Adidas Ace release on is not ruled out completely, with Adidas stating that we'll "hear it here first if we do release them."

What are your thoughts on this 'announcement'? Are you satisfied with the Adidas Ace 16 stock colorways? Let us know in the comments below.