Interview | Assou Ekotto: "Sponsor? I Just Get My Boots on eBay"

Former Spurs left-back Assou Ekotto has revealed in an interview with Canal+ why he does not rely on a boot sponsor but just buys his boots on eBay. The Cameroon international, who is now at Saint-Etienne, also showed off his black Adidas Predator Mania Boots in the interview with the French TV channel.

Assou Ekotto Just Buys His Boots on eBay

Assou-Ekotto presents his original Adidas Predator Mania 2002 World Cup Boots.

Assou-Ekotto, who has already laced up in various different old Adidas Predator Boots this season, told Canal+ the following about his boot choices.

"I'd rather be free than to prostitute myself for a sponsor. In all honesty, when you're an African player, it's not that interesting to have a sponsor. When you're European, it's better because business is done in Europe."

The Saint-Etienne defender then explained that he acquires his gear the same way most regular people do: by trawling through eBay listings.

"I buy shoes for €30 (approx £23). It's a good price for comfortable boots. You can find them on eBay, and they're not expensive "Being fashionable is expensive, but you're more distinguished to be vintage."

And here are just some of the boots that Assou-Ekotto already used this season

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