Diego Costa Trains in All-New Adidas X Skeleton Boots

Chelsea striker Diego Costa has become the next-high-profile Adidas player to be spotted wearing a blackout version of the Adidas X15+ Skeleton Cleats that were already shown off by Bayern's Thomas Müller and Luis Suarez. The first-ever Adidas X 15+ Skeleton Football Boot it set to be launched in April 2015.

Diego Costa Trains in Adidas X 15+ Skeleton Boots

Close-up with the blackout boots used by the Chelsea striker.

Boasting an almost completely blackout look, the blackout boots used by Diego Costa seem to be exactly the same cleats that were used by the two other Adidas players who trained in the upcoming boots. The Adidas X 15+ Skeleton boasts a extremely shiny X-Cage structure that gives away their identity.

The Adidas X 15.1 Skeleton cleats boast an all-new microfiber upper, while the heightened sockliner was also modified notably compared to the regular Adidas X. Everything about the Adidas X Skeleton Boots is about reducing the weight in comparison with the regular Adidas X 15 Boots, which weights in at quite heavy 8.2 oz (almost 233 gram).

The Champions League quarter finals, which take place between April 5 and 13, seem the most probable stage for the debut of the Adidas X Skeleton, which will be launched very likely with a white, silver, green and blue paint job.

Do you think that the Adidas X 15+ Skeleton Boots will offer real advantages compared to the standard version of the cleats? Let us know in the comments below and check out the much more remarkable Adidas X 16 Skeleton in our Boot Calendar.