Leicester City's Christian Fuchs Debuts Unique Blacked-Out Adidas X Boots

Christian Fuchs from Premier League leaders Leicester City laced up in a unique pair of football boots in Monday's Premier League match against Newcastle. And as many were asking which boots he wore, we decided to take a closer look a the unique blacked-out cleats from the Austria international.

Christian Fuchs Debuts Unique Blacked-Out Adidas X Boots

Close-up picture of the boots worn by Leicester City's Christian Fuchs.

Boasting an almost completely blacked-out look, Christian Fuchs laced up in a custom blacked-out pair of the Solar Red Adidas X Primeknit Boots. Apart from the one-of-a-kind blacked-out upper, Fuchs' Boots were the same as the regular version of the knitted chaos boots.

However, while Christian Fuchs previously wore the latest paint job of the Adidas X 15+ Primeknit, it now looks like that the 29-year old left back will leave the Three Stripes.

Do you think that Christian Fuchs and Adidas will go separate ways from now? Let us also know in the comments section below which brand do you think Fuchs will join (He famously was one of the few players to wear Pele Boots some years ago) and watch out for his cleats in the next matches.