Revealed: What the New USA 2016 Kit Almost Would Have Looked Like

As we know, the design of the new US Soccer crest was finalized sometime in mid-2015. But kit designs often are completed two or more years in advance. Today, we are able to show you how the USA 2016 Copa America kit would have looked like, would the federation still use the old logo.

USA 2016 Home Kit Prototype

This is an earlier version of the new USA kit (mock-up), next to the real one.

Basically, there are four differences here. For one, the rather bold old USA logo sits on the left chest of the USA 2016 kit prototype. Accordingly, the color of the Nike Swoosh is adjusted to mirror the crest. Most importantly however, the color of the sleeves is a darker blue, reminiscent of the one currently used for the Nike and US Soccer logos. The last difference is the color of the trim going around the back of the color, which is royal blue instead of red.

All in all, it's impressive how big a difference these relatively small differences can make. Which of the two United States 2016 jerseys do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below.