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Sochaux Goalkeeper Shows Off 'Real' First-Ever Laceless Boots in French Cup Quarter-Final

Belgian goalkeeper Olivier Werner has shown off what is really the first-ever laceless football boot in Sochaux's cup clash against Nantes two days ago. The Lotto Zhero Gravity Boot that was released exactly 10 years ago. Big thanks to for the hint.

Olivier Werner Laces Up in Lotto Zhero Gravity 2006 Boots - The First-Ever Laceless Football Boot

Close-up with the boots used by the 30-year old goalkeeper.

Boasting the main color red, Olivier Werner laced up in a colorway of the Lotto Zhero Gravity Boots that perfectly matches with Sochaux's red goalkeeper kit, which is, quite interestingly, also made by Lotto. His boots are non-modified, boasting the original laceless design of the revolutionary boots that were developed by famous boot creator Denis Dekovic, who since then worked for Nike before joining Adidas in a move that made big waves in late 2014. But now let's get a bit into the tech details.

The laceless Lotto Zhero Gravity 2006 Edition was released just a few days ahead of the 2006 World Cup in Germany. Back then, it was said that players such as Toni, Shevchenko and Cafu were involved in the three-year development of the not only back then cutting-edge boots.

While the Lotto Zhero Gravity 2006 Football Boot was not the lightest (210 grams), the boot nevertheless was still revolutionary for the time boasting the first-ever laceless design. However, apart from the revolutionary laceless design, which is made for excellent shooting precision and close sensitivity for control, the boot is pretty standard. The Lotto Zhero Gravity 2006 comes with 7 fixed bladed studs and 4 interchangeable conical studs as well as two inner soles for ultimate comfort.

Do you want to know even more about the boots that retailed at a price of £139.99 back then? Let us know in the comments below.