South Korea 2016 Home and Away Kits Released

The new South Korea 2016-2017 home and away kits boast modern and simplistic designs with subtle graphic prints, following the design established by the Nike kits for the likes of Poland, Slovenia and Turkey. Like the aforementioned jerseys, the new South Korea Nike shirts are not based on the brand's latest innovation, the Vapor template, but instead feature the technologies currently in use.

Set to be debuted in the 2018 World Cup qualifier against Lebanon and the friendly against Thailand later this month, the new South Korea kits are set to be worn throughout the qualifiers. They are designed to evoke the South Korea National Team’s fierce moniker, the Taegeuk Warriors.

South Korea 2016 Home Kit

This is the new South Korea home jersey, made by Nike.

The new South Korea 2016 home kit comes in the team's traditional bright red color. This bold look for the South Korea jersey is interrupted only by a dark blue line that runs down on each side. The collar of the new South Korea kit is completely red, while the Nike logo on the front is white.

However, the stand-out feature of the new South Korea jersey is a print on the front. Keeping a low profile in a slightly darker shade of red than the base color of the new South Korea shirt, it generates a unique gradient effect and elevates the overall aesthetic of the South Korea 2016-2017 shirt.

The shorts and socks of the South Korea 2016 kit follow the style Nike implemented for its other 2016 national team uniforms. Thus, the South Korea home kit shorts are red, while the socks are blue.

South Korea 2016 Away Kit

This image shows the new South Korea 2016-18 away shirt.

Based on the same template as the new South Korea home shirt, the Nike South Korea 2016 away kit is predominantly white. The interesting gradient front print is present on the South Korea 2016-2018 away shirt, while a blue line runs down on each side.

The new South Korea 2016 away kit consists of a white shirt, white shorts and red, in line with Nike's other new national team kits.

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