Aston Villa Unveils New Club Crest

English club Aston Villa today unveiled the results of its (slight) re-brandings ahead of the 2016-17 season. The club also announced that the complete visual identity re-brand project cost £80,000, and not the £2 million that had been reported in the press previously.

New Aston Villa Crest From 2016-17

This image shows the slightly updated Aston Villa badge (right), next to the previous version.

Staying true to the club's heritage, Aston Villa only changed selective parts of the logo. First, the shape of the iconic lion was reworked by artist and engraver Christopher Wormell who created a heraldic lion which was then adjusted to be used as the centerpiece of the new Aston Villa logo. Second, the 'Prepared' writing at the bottom of the Aston Villa logo was dropped, allowing for the lion to be enlarged and the logo as a whole to thrive in small-resolution uses. Read more on the redesign on Aston Villa's website.

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