Juventus 15-16 Serie A Champions Shirts Revealed

Juventus made history winning their five straight Serie A title after Napoli's defeat against Roma. To celebrate the 34th Scudetto, the Italian club revealed two special champion shirts.

Juventus Campioni 34 Tee

This is the shirt that was worn during the title celebration.

The Juventus Campioni 34 Tee is mainly black with a special graphic on the front that honors Juventus' five straight Scudetto, while on the back of the shirt is the lettering Campioni as well as the number 34 to indicate that it is Juventus' 34th title and the date 2016.

Juventus #tanti5aluti Shirt

This is the second shirt Juventus released.

The second Juventus Shirt features a more modern approach and is not as classy as the black, white and golden Juventus Campioni 34 Tee.

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