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No More New Balance | Vincent Kompany Switches Boot Brands

Update: Confirming his exit from NB and likely also confirming his switch to Adidas, Kompany has been spotted wearing the brand-new Solar Yellow Adidas Ace 16.1 boots after he returned from injury to Man City's training.

Vincent Kompany Switches To Adidas Ace Boots

Vincent Kompany's during yesterday's training.

Update April 2016: Practically confirming his exit from NB, Kompany has continued sporting unbranded Adidas Ace football boots, including in the Champions League game against Real Madrid.

Prompting speculation about a possible switch of brands, Manchester City skipper and New Balance Football representative Vincent Kompany was spotted wearing 'blued-out' Adidas football boots in training this week.

Vincent Kompany Spotted in Unbranded Adidas Boots

Up close with Vincent Kompany's all-blue boots.

Based on the Shock Blue Adidas Ace 16.1 boots, Kompany had the bold lateral Adidas stripes painted over to complete an all-blue design. Only the green laces remain unchanged compared to the regular Adidas Ace boots.

Kompany was one of the first players to sign for now demoted Warrior Football and formed part of the initial eight-player lineup of its successor, New Balance Football. Having previously sported Nike Total 90 cleats, Kompany has been wearing New Balance Visaro boots since their launch in early 2015.

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