2016 Champions League Final Boot Preview

Tonight's Champions League final between Real Madrid and Atlético will not only determine the winner of the most important club football competition, it will also mark the one of the first times the new Adidas and Nike football boots will be seen on the pitch.

Real Madrid v Atlético Madrid - 2016 Champions League Final Boot Lineups

This is the expected Real Madrid boot lineup for the 2015-16 Champions League final (all boot choices as worn in yesterday's training).

As it is the case most times, Real Madrid's soccer cleat lineup is dominated by Adidas and Nike, with five players sporting the iconic stripes and the Swoosh each. The only player to not wear cleats from the big two brands is center back Pepe who will wear his own Umbro Speciali Eternal signature boots for the very first time.

Also interestingly in terms of boots, all but one of Real Madrid's Adidas players are set to wear older models, including Gareth Bale who was heavily marketed in the build-up to the launch of the second-gen Adidas X and is expected to lace up in a customized version of the X 15.

It's a similar situation over at Atlético, where both Filipe Luis and Fernando Torres trained in Adidas X 15 boots. Anyway, Augusto Fernández and Juanfran are set to wear the semi-laceless Adidas X 16+ PureChaos.

In the lineup of the red-whites, Adidas again features five times, while its main competitors Nike and Puma supply three Atlético players each.

In total, ten of 22 players in tonight's big final are set to wear boots from the Three Stripes, followed by Nike with eight and Puma with three. Umbro is represented only through Real Madrid defender Pepe.

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