Obra or Opus? Arda Turan Opts For Low-Cut Next-Gen Nike Magista Boots

Update: Arda Turan has opted for the low-cut Nike Magista Opus 2 boots in his first 2016-17 friendly despite the fact that he tested the Nike Magista Obra as blackout version and showed off his Obra boots on FC Barcelona's Instagram account ahead of a training session. However, it's well possible that he will give the high-cut Obra their on-pitch debut as the following pictures reveal...

Arda Turan Debuts Next-Gen Nike Magista Opus Boots

Arda Turan wore the low-cut version of Nike's next-gen Magista boot against Celtic yesterday.

Arda Turan shows off his Nike Magista Obra Boots

Turkey's Arda Turan has become the second player to wear the high-cut Nike Magista Obra 2 football boots after Juventus' Bonucci was spotted wearing the same boots in late May 2016.

Arda Turan Trains in Blackout Next-Gen Nike Magista Obra Boots

Here is a close-up of the soccer cleats worn by Arda Turan in training this week.

Based on regular Nike Magista Obra 2 football boots, Arda Turan's boot has been blacked-out in order to disguise the look of the next-gen boots. Arda Turan wore a non-customized Nike Magista Obra II cleat.

Set to be launched in an extremely striking colorway in early July, the all-new Nike Magista Obra 2 introduces an almost entirely concept compared to its predecessor with a totally new upper and sole plate. However, while the boot will be worn in the 2016 Rio Olympics with 100% certainty, it's not unlikely that the second-gen boot will be released during the Euro 2016 and debuted in the tournament.

What are your thoughts on the new Nike Magista Obra II Obra Boots? Do you think the boot will be released during the Euro? Let us know in the comments below.