Zlatan Ibrahimovic Confirms Nike Switch

Update #4: Slipping into the most recent colorway of the Nike Mercurial, everything indicates that Ibrahimovic has already or is close to officially signing with the Swoosh again.

Update #3: After many months of wearing Adidas, Zlatan Ibrahimovic was back in Nike Mercurials for the Premier League game against Everton. So he will he officially join the Swoosh again soon? We'll keep you updated as things evolve.

Update #2: Everything indicates that Zlatan Ibrahimovic will officially join Adidas soon after he was spotted wearing the unreleased Adidas X 16.1 Red Limit soccer boots ahead of today's Europa League clash against Feyenoord. He previously laced up in white Nike Mercurial Vapor 10 boots.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic to Join Adidas Very Soon - Swedish Superstar Trains in Unreleased Adidas X Boots

Close-up with Zlatan's cleats, which are not modified.

Update: Zlatan Ibrahimovic has started the yesterday night's match against Manchester City wearing the white and golden Adidas X Stellar Pack cleats, while he surprisingly switched back to the white Nike Mercurial Vapor X Radiant Reveal boots for the second half. This makes it less likely that he has joined Adidas, as he laced up in branded Nike cleats and not in unbranded ones.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Switches Back to Nike's Mercurial Vapor 10 Boots in Halftime

Zlatan Ibrahimovic wore different boots in the second half against City, similar to Messi and Neymar who also switched boots during half-time against Manchester City last week.

Update: As expected, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is wearing Adidas boots for the game against Chelsea. This could mean that Ibrahimovic has actually joined the 3-stripe brand after what seems like an eternity with Nike. Despite wearing blackouts on several occasion, he hadn't been wearing branded Adidas cleats for years.

Update 23/10/2016: Ibrahimovic will likely debut the modified Adidas X Stellar Pack boots in today's Premier League clash against Chelsea after he was not able to wear the cleats in the Europa League match against Fenerbahce as he wasn't subbed on. It was the first time that Ibrahimovic was spotted wearing Adidas boots ahead of an match for several years.

Ibrahimovic Spotted in Adidas X Stellar Pack Boots Ahead of Fenerbahce Europa League Match

Zlatan Ibrahimović ahead of the match against Fenerbahce.

Update 19/10/2016: Zlatan Ibrahimovic today surprisingly laced up in a modified version of the Adidas X 16.1 boots from the Stellar Pack after he previously laced up in Nike's white Mercurial Vapor X from the Radiant Reveal pack, fueling rumors that he could join the Three Stripes.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Trains in Modified Adidas X 16.1 Stellar Pack Boots

Close-up with Zlatan's cleats, which feature - at least - a custom lacing system for the Swedish superstar.

Featuring the stunning design of the white, black and golden Adidas X 16.1 Stellar Pack boots, Ibrahimovic's modified cleats come with just three lacing loops instead of the five of the regular version. The upper seems to be also modified for the Swedish superstar, while the image does not clarify that for sure.

However, while we have to wait for more pictures in order to say what exactly has been modified for Zlatan, the fact that he wears modified football boots makes it likely that he joins the Three Stripes.

Update 30/07/2016: Zlatan Ibrahimovic has debuted his custom Nike Mercurial Vapor boots in today's first friendly against Galatasray scoring his first goal for the Red Devils with a spectacular overhead kick. Zlatan has been previously spotted wearing Adidas shoes at his arrival in Manchester fueling rumors that he would join the Three Stripes.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic to Debut Custom Nike Mercurial Vapor 11 Euro 2016 Boots

Close-up with Zlatan's custom boots.

Boasting the famous design of the Nike Mercurial Vapor XI Euro 2016 cleats, Zlatan Ibrahimovic wore a standard FG version of the boots with the custom text 'Ibrahimovic' and the date '04.09.2014' on the instep (Ibrahimović scored his 50th international goal in a 2–0 friendly match victory over Estonia on September 4 2014).

Zlatan Ibrahimovic during his first public training as Man Utd player

Zlatan Ibrahimovic during his first interview as Man Utd player

Close-up with Zlatan's shoes

Update 17/06/2016: Although he was again wearing Adidas X cleats in yesterday's training, Zlatan Ibrahimovic took the pitch for the game between Sweden and Italy wearing Nike football boots.

Sweden's Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who recently launched his own sportswear brand, appears set to join Adidas after he was spotted wearing Adidas X 16.1 football boots in training.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic to Debut Custom Adidas X 16+ PureChaos Boots

Having worn Nike Mercurial Vapor cleats throughout almost his entire career, Ibrahimovic prompted speculation over a brand switch wearing blacked-out boots in early 2015. From the start of the 2015-16 season and up until the first Euro 2016 game, against Ireland, Ibrahimovic was once again back in regular, branded Nike Mercurial Vapor boots.

Close-ups of the two different Adidas X 16 boots worn by Ibrahimovic in training

Today, appearing in training ahead of Friday's game against Italy, Ibrahimovic was spotted wearing Adidas X 16 cleats, once again igniting the rumor mill. And not only that, there are two different versions that were worn by Sweden's number 10: while the first one quite obviously is a regular X 16.1, the second appears to be a custom edit of the Adidas X 16+ PureChaos in the way that the lace-cover was removed to reveal the underlying lacing and to possibly allow for better adjusting of the fit.

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