Giannelli Imbula Debuts Unique Unbranded Boots in Premier League Clash Against Man City

What's the boot future of Stoke City's Giannelli Imbula? The Belgian and French midfielder stood out in the match against Man City last weekend wearing unique custom unbranded New Balance Visaro boots.

Giannelli Imbula's Custom Unbranded New Balance Visaro Boots

This is the New Balance Visaro boot worn by Giannelli Imbula on Saturday + his previous custom blacked-out Ace cleat.

The New Balance Visaro soccer boots worn by Giannelli Imbula are the same as the standard edition apart that the boots feature no highlighted New Balance brandings.

Giannelli Imbula, who made his first PL match this season with New Balance boots, was also spotted wearing unique and custom blacked-out Adidas Ace boots this pre-season, while he usually laces up in Nike Tiempo boots as he is / had been sponsored by Nike.

Do you think that Giannelli Imbula will leave the Swoosh and switch to NB? Let us know in the comments below.
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