Adidas Teams Debut ZNE Hoodie

Having only recently launched its new Athletics division with the interesting 'ZNE' (Zero Negative Energy) collection, Adidas used this weekend's big matches to show off the headlining ZNE Hoodie.

After Bayern and Schalke both displayed the eye-catching white hoodie ahead of kick-off of their Bundesliga game on Friday night, Manchester United took things a bit further on Saturday: not only did they wear them before the game as 'anthem jackets', the likes of Marcus Rashford and Ander Herrera also wore them during warm-up before coming on for the second half.

In case you're interested in more ZNE Hoodie action, keep an eye on the Adidas-sponsored teams in next week's Champions League games. The likes of Bayern Munich, Juventus and Real Madrid are set to debut custom versions of the hoodie that were unveiled last month.

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