Germany's 2017 Confed Cup Collection Appears to Confirm Home Kit Design

Upadte: The first real pictures of the Seasonal Specials Track Top and Windbreaker have been leaked, giving us an even better look at the retro pattern.

Germany's upcoming 2017 Confed Cup kit is expected to feature a 1990-inspired graphic print, and the accompanying training and leisure wear appears to support the retro inspiration.

Germany 2017 Seasonal Specials Track Top / Windbreaker

The 'Seasonal Specials' part of the Adidas Germany 2017 Confed Cup lifestyle and training collection features the exact pattern that is supposed to end up on the match kit in some way.

Germany 2017 ZNE Anthem Hoodie

A custom ZNE Hoodie, set to be worn during the anthem ceremony before games, is also included.

Germany 2017 Tee

Germany 2017 Sweat Top

Germany 2017 Presentation Jacket

Which of the presented items from the Germany 2017 Confederations Cup collection to you like the most? Are you looking forward to seeing the centerpiece of the range in a way, the Germany 2017 home kit? Drop us a line below.