The Unique Boot Story of Mexico's Jonathan dos Santos

His boot story is definitely something special. Mexico international Jonathan dos Santos has been lacing up in almost endless different blackout cleats in the past few years, and as he now again switched boots we decided to take a detailed look at the boot story of the 26-year old midfielder.

Jonathan dos Santos' Boot Story

Jonathan dos Santos laced up in blackout Mizuno Morelia boots most recently.

Jonathan dos Santos has been wearing blackout cleats for several ears now, while he constantly switches between brands and silos. When Adidas released the Ace, he switched to a blackout version of the control boot, while he wore blackout Tiempo Legend VI football boots shortly after the Swoosh launched the new generation.

Jonathan dos Santos x Adidas Ace 15.1 Blackout

But now the Villarreal midfielder again switched boots, and he opted for a really classical pair this time: Mizuno's Morelia II boot, again in a blacked-out version.

Unique player, unique boot story. Have me missed any boots he was wearing in the past few months? Let us know in the comments below.