Aaron Ramsey Shows Off Unique New Balance Boots

Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey, currently working on his comeback following an injury, took to his Instagram this week to upload pictures from his return to training at the club. On these, Ramsey appears to be wearing never-seen-before New Balance Visaro boots - let's find out what they are.

Ramsey's Unique New Balance Visaro Boots

This is a close-up of the New Balance Visaro cleats worn by Ramsey.

Predominantly white, Ramsey's New Balance soccer boots have the brand's characteristic 'N' on the outside in black, while more subtle details are present in a bright green color. It's pretty obvious to the boot connoisseur that they are identical to the 'White / Toxic' colorway that released in February, at least excluding the sole plate.

Although it appears to be based on the same stud layout as regular New Balance Visaros, the sole plate of Ramsey's boots is of an entirely different color than what was used for the aforementioned colorway. It is completely red and the most likely explanation for this is that New Balance sent custom boots to Ramsey. We are confident that they will never be released to the public like this.

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