Does Nike's Anti-Clog Boot System Work?

When Nike unveiled their all-new boot Anti-Clog technology at this year's innovation submit in New York, the brand boldly announced that football will never be the same. And while Nike already announced that after the launch of the first-ever high-cut boot in March 2014 (Nike Magista Obra) and it was pretty much confirmed (at least for football boots), the statement about Anti-Clog's was not confirmed yet as the boots were not worn by Nike's best players on the pitch yet. But now a picture confirms that Nike's system works 'like a charm'.

Nike's Anti-Clog Traction System Works Like a Charm

Here is the picture that does pretty much confirm that Nike's system works.

Tested against Nike's FG version of the Magista Obra II by independent boot reviewer and former MLS professional Bryan Byrne, who has been testing boots for his renowned website since 2008, the picture shows off that Nike's Anti-Clog traction system is worth its high retail price.

Has anybody already tried out Nike's innovative outsole technology? Do you think that Nike's standard SG boot would have looked similar clean as the Anti-Clog soccer ceat? Let us know in the comments below and find out all you need to know about the Nike Anti-Clog boot technology.