Mesut Özil Shows Off Custom Adidas Ace 16+ PureControl Boots With All-New Signature Logo

Mesut Özil has shown off his white and gold Adidas Ace PureControl boots on Snapchat yeserday featuring a brand-new signature logo that replaces his previous, quite odd 8 logo that Adidas and the German midfielder launched in 2013.

Mesut Özil Receives New Signature Logo

Here is a screenshot of the snap Mesut Özil posted yesterday after Arsenal's match against Sunderland.

Boasting a large M as well as a large circle and two rhombus, the new Mesut Özil signature logo features a much more remarkable yet less tricky design than the previous logo that resembled his shirt number 8 as well as the letter Ö.

Mesut Özil's previous logo

Mesut Özil's custom Adidas Ace PureControl worn in this year's Euro featuring his old logo as well as German's flag

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