Sacramento Kings Unveil New Jersey with Sponsor Logo

A concept well known in the football / soccer world, the Sacramento Kings from the NBA today became one of the first major-league basketball teams to unveil a jersey sponsor.

Sacramento Kings 2017-18 Jersey

This is a preview of the Blue Diamond sponsor patch on the Sacramento Kings jersey.

Teaming up with Blue Diamond, the world's leading almond brand and based in Sacramento, the Kings will wear the brand's logo on the right chest from the start of the 2017-18 season. Next season, which will also see Nike replace Adidas as league-wide jersey supplier, will be the first in the history of the NBA to allow teams to feature a brand's logo on their uniform.

“For decades, Blue Diamond almonds have been one of Sacramento’s most well-known products around the country,” said Kings President Chris Granger. “We are proud of this community’s history of high-quality agriculture – it’s why we’ve committed to supporting local producers by using locally sourced food in our arena and why our players are proud to showcase the Blue Diamond brand on the court and around the league.”

Sponsor logos will only be allowed on the upper left chest in a 2½-inch sticker format, positioned opposite of the Swoosh, which will also feature on the new jerseys. In a move that is certain to please supporters, the replica versions are set to not include the patches, although teams have the option to sell jerseys with sponsor patches as well.

In terms of value, it was reported that the Philadelphia 76ers, who became the first team to sign a jersey sponsor partner in StubHub, will receive around $5m annually. The Golden State Warriors are reported to be seeking in the region of $15 to $20 million.

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