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Was Pique's Boot Broken vs Real Sociedad?

If you caught one of La Liga's top game of the weekend between Real Sociedad and Barcelona yesterday night, you might have noticed that Pique's boots featured red tape in most parts of the second half of the game. Have his boots been 'broken'?

Barcelona Doctors Use Red Tape to 'Fix' Pique Injury

Here are two pictures that show off that Piqué's Nike Tiempo soccer cleat did not break.

Receiving a hard challenge already in the first half, the right of his Nike Tiempo Legend 6 cleats seem to have survived the challenge perfectly, whereas he caught an injury of that attack and wanted to go off.

Piqué was not substituted subsequently, but got a treatment by Barcelona's doctors who fixed his boots and ankle with tape in order to allow Piqué to play the full 90 minutes of the crucial match ahead of Él Clásico. However, Piqué seemed to be affected by the injury and Barcelona soon conceded a goal against the Basque side, with Pique having problems to find his balance.

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