Ramsey Shows Off All-New, Never-Seen-Before Next-Gen New Balance Visaro 2017 Boots

Arsenal's Aaron Ramsey has likely become the first player to wear the next-gen New Balance Visaro football boots, around 18 months after New Balance launched their control football boot.

The first-generation New Balance Visaro was launched in July 2015 featuring a remarkable Honeycomb upper structure and has been worn by NB's players since late 2014, even though in unbranded blackout and whiteout versions.

Has Aaron Ramsey Trained in Blackout Next-Gen New Balance Visaro Boots?

Here are four close-ups of the soccer cleats worn by Aaron Ramsey on Monday that are almost certain the NB Visaro 2.

Aaron Ramsey's boot has been blacked-out in order to disguise the look of the boots. However, there can be already said with that Aaron Ramsey has extremely likely worn the next-gen New Balance Visaro as there is a N on the outstep and as the Arsenal midfielder has never laced up in other boots than New Balance's control boot since he joined the brand from Adidas.

The blackout boot worn by Aaron Ramsey comes with a traditional low-cut design and features a smooth, leather-like upper that is very different to the one of the first generation. In the touch area of the boot are Honeycomb-like patterns visible, while the sole plate of he boot features red elements. The cleat comes without an external heel counter.

Expected to be launched not before next year, the all-new New Balance Visaro 2 has not been leaked yet and therefore also no exact tech details are known yet.

Do you think that Ramsey showed off the next-generation New Balance Visaro? Let us also know what you think about the cleats in the comments below.
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