WATCH: Nike Releases Amazing Video to Announce That Neymar Will Never Again Wear Hypervenom Boots

Update: It's now official that Neymar will never again wear Nike Hypervenom boots as Nike announced the silo switch with a classic video.

Neymar Returns to Nike Mercurial Boots

Here is the video Nike released today.

Brazilian superstar Neymar is set to ditch the Nike Hypervenom football boots sooner than expected after he was spotted wearing the brand-new Nike Mercurial Vapor 11 Dark Lightning pack boots in today's training session ahead of Él Clásico on Saturday.

Neymar to Debut Nike Mercurial Vapor Boots in El Clasico on Saturday

Close-up with Neymar's new soccer cleats.

Neymar, who has been having problems with Nike's agility boot since the launch of the second-gen Hypervenom and therefore famously received camouflaged Mercurial-esque Nike Hypervenom soccer cleats from the Swoosh, is set to debut the Nike Mercurial Vapor XI football boot in Barca's biggest match this season yet - El Clasico against Real Madrid on Saturday.

Neymar has been previously already spotted wearing likely a blacked-out version of the Dark Lightning Nike Mercurial Vapor boots (red studs). We already exclusively reported that Neymar would ditch the Hypervenom for the Mercurial forever, while we expected that he would say goodbye to the agility boots with or shortly ahead of the launch of the next-gen Nike Hypervenom football boot.

Perfect timing? Do you now also look forward to the first Nike Mercurial Neymar signature editions? Who will become the new face of the Hypervenom? Let us know what you think in the comments below.