Over-Marketed? Adidas Launches #Pogba Ad to Boost Pogba's Signature Boots Debut

Following on the unveiling of the stunning black and golden Pogba signature football boots, Adidas has launched a perimeter advertising showcasing the Hashtag Pogba as well as Pogba's new Emoji.

Adidas #Pogba Manchester United Ad

Here is the ad viewers could see in the Man Utd vs Liverpool clash.

Paul Pogba not only stood out wearing his new unique new black and gold Adidas Ace 17+ signature football boots and causing a penalty today, he also received his own Twitter Emoji and even got a new hairstyle for the match featuring his brand-new signature logo. To further push the release and debut of the Pogba boots, Adidas additionally decided to create a special advertising to encourage fans to search for Paul Pogba on Twitter where the brand published several videos featuring the French superstar and his new cleats.

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