No More Wave Ignitus - All-New Mizuno Rebula 2017 Boots Released

Mizuno this week unveiled an all-new football boot, the Mizuno Rebula. Replacing Mizuno's Wave Ignitus silo, the new Mizuno Rebula is headlined by AC Milan's Honda and was already debuted by the Japanese superstar in the friendly against Syria on June 7.

Mizuno Rebula V1 Japan - Black / White / Light Blue

This is the launch colorway of the Made in Japan Mizuno Rebula boot.

Before taking a look at the new technologies present in the Mizuno Rebula 2017 boots, let's take a look at the design of the launch colorway of the all-new Mizuno Rebula football boot. A classy design all in all, the new Mizuno Rebula boots are predominantly black with silver logos and light blue applications used for the inner sole and the sole plate of the cleats.

Constructed to offer comfort and touch, the Mizuno Rebula 2017 football boots comes with a similar concept as the Nike Tiempo Legend and the Puma evoTOUCH. Designed to offer perfect control in all conditions, the Mizuno Rebula soccer cleats feature a super soft Kangaroo leather upper without traditional stitching but a CT Frame construction, a classic tongue as well as a traditional low-cut design.

Mizuno Rebula V1 Made in Japan vs Rebula V1

The best version of the Mizuno Rebula football boot is the Made in Japan Mizuno Rebula V1 Japan edition. The alternative top tier version is the Mizuno Rebula V1, which comes with the same technologies but a slightly different construction and finish of the upper.

The outsole of the Mizuno Rebula soccer cleats is similar to the one of the Wave Ignitus, even though Mizuno uses mainly conical studs for its Rebula boot wich also comes with D - Flex Grooves for more stability.

The Mizuno Rebula soccer cleat is already on sale in Japan, while the boot will be available in other countries from July 2017. The new Mizuno Rebula V1 Japan Edition retails at 25000 Japanese Yen - 220 Euro, 220 USD, while the Mizuno Rebula V1 costs you 21,000 Japanese Yen - 190 Euro, 190 USD.

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