Brazil 2017 Third Kit Released

Not only England, France and the United States received a new third shirt from Nike this year, 5 times World Cup champions Brazil also get a new third jersey from the Swoosh. The new Nike Brazil 2017 third jersey introduces an understated design with popping gold details.

Brazil 2017 Third Kit

This image the new Brazil 2017 third uniform.

After Brazil's previous third shirt boasted a bold design in dark green and yellow and also featured board shorts to pay tribute to the "dynamic and diverse country, from its natural landscape to its vibrant culture", the new Brazil 2017 third jersey is much classier overall.

The main color of the Brazil 2017 third kit is Seaweed (dark green), while the sleeves are of a slightly darker color. Last but not least, all logos on the Brazil 2017 third jersey are gold-metallic.

Similar to Brazil's 2014 third kit, the new Brazil 2017 third kit isn't expected to be worn in official games, although it passes the rigid kit regulations of the Brazil football federation, which say that the team is only allowed wear the colors of the flag.

The new Brazil third kit will be available from March 2017, just as the new England, France and the United States third kits.

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