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Olympique Marseille 17-18 Third Kit Released

Olympique Marseille's 17-18 third kit is designed to stand out on the pitch featuring a unusual and bold color combination. The Olympique Marseille 2017-18 third shirt was released on May 9 by Adidas and the French club.

The Marseille 2017-2018 third jersey is the last one to be produced by Adidas as the three-stripe brand is set to make way for Puma in 2018. The Intersport sponsorship was not renewed, which means that the Marseille 17-18 third strip boast a sponsor-less look (for now).

Olympique Marseille 17-18 Third Kit

Olympique Marseille's 2017-2018 third jersey combines purple with white.

Unlike this season's third strip, which honored the many successful Argentinian players in the history of Olympique Marseille featuring sky blue and white stripes, the new Olympique Marseille 2017-2018 is anything but classic, at least from a colors standpoint. Predominantly dark purple, it features subtle white applications, such as the Adidas stripes which run down the sides and the logos on the front.

Inspired by the club's rich history, the Olympique Marseille 17-18 third kit features a classic logo from its early days, as well as a special fabric that aims to resemble that of traditional football uniforms and a polo collar.

The shorts and the socks of the new Olympique Marseille 2017-2018 third kit are of the same color as the shirt to complete a monochromatic combo that is sure to be liked by at least a few supporters.

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