11 Years At Arsenal - Here Is Theo Walcott's Full Boot History

It is 11 years ago that Theo Walcott joined Arsenal. And while Theo Walcott wore Nike Mercurial boots when he joined the Gunners on January 20 2006, he is now a face of Nike's arch rivals, Adidas. We take a look at the full boot history of the English striker

Almost 10 Years With Nike Mercurial Boots at Arsenal

Theo Walcott joined Arsenal in 2006, and he used just one boot in his first years at the club - the Nike Mercurial.

Walcott, who started his career with Southampton before joining Arsenal for £5 million in 2006, made his Premier League debut as one of the youngest ever players at 16 years and 143 days wearing the Nike Mercurial cleat. He should wear these cleats in the next several years, while in early 2015 things got very interesting.

Theo Walcott Joins Adidas - Receives Camouflaged Boots

In early 2015, Adidas announced out of nowhere the signing of Theo Walcott, who became a face of the Adidas F50 Adizero boots. However, while it was naturally the perfect choice for the fast winger, Theo Walcott already had to say goodbye to the speed cleats after less than half a year as Adidas discontinued the boot silo in June 2015. He therefore switched to the Adidas X 15 boots (he received a camouflaged version of them, interestingly).

However, with the launch of the Adidas X 16 cleats Walcott made the switch to the faux-laceless Adidas X 16+ PureChaos. His current boots are not heavily modified but identical to the retail edition.

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