Goodbye Exclusivity? Adidas Gets Rid of Glitch Codes

When Adidas launched their Glitch football boot in early November, it was one of the most difficult soccer cleats to get as the cleats were only available in London and with an exclusive code that players could only get from someone who already bought the Glitch. But since the launch four months ago, it has been much more easier to get the Glitch football boot...

Adidas Gives Away Glitch Codes For Almost Everybody Who Asks

While the Adidas Glitch football boot is still only available for players who are from the United Kingdom and via the Glitch App with a Code, it is now relatively easy to get them as you just have to ask Adidas on social media to get a Code. This made the first who bought the Glitch angry as they thought they bought an exclusive product and are part of an exclusive community.

What do you think of Adidas' strategy to make it more easier to get the Adidas Glitch? Do you think they should be a general release? Let us know in the comments below.