Liga MX Player Shows Off Laceless Adidas X 16.1 Boots

Following up on the rather unique lacing system established by Manchester United winger Jesse Lingard, we can today show you another interesting option, courtesy of Cruz Azul striker Martín Cauteruccio. Thanks to @BetoFlores97 for the info.

Cauteruccio Plays in Laceless Adidas X 16.1

This is a close-up of the rather unusual boots worn by the Cruz Azul forward.

Although Adidas has a "laceless" option in its X 16 offering in the form of the 16+ PureChaos, Cauteruccio opted to instead go with the standard X 16.1, just without any laces.

The main difference to the 16+ here is that Cauteruccio's cleats don't have a second layer on the upper, which leads to a cleaner and more natural ball touch. The downside is obviously that the X 16+ PureChaos comes with a slightly different construction to ensure a certain level of lockdown that this makeshift laceless X 16.1 won't be able to give.

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