Nike Gets Bashed For Boring New USA Kit

Nike and the US national team unveiled a new kit on Valentine's day. Set to be worn by both the Men's and Women's national teams, the new red Nike USA 2017 third jersey was heavily criticized by fans for the not very unique design, to say the least.

Fans Find New USA Kit to Similar to Other Nike National Team Jerseys

Boasting an all-red design, the new Nike USA 2017 third jersey is very similar to the red kits of England, Portugal and PSG. The new USA third kit only comes with a few unique details for the country such as the lettering USA under the collar and the lettering 1 Nation and 1 Team, while all other elements such as the collar are the same as those of the other countries.

Interestingly, the US national team is not the only Nike team to receive a new third kit this year as Brazil, England and France will also get a new third jersey, featuring the same design but different colors than USA's jersey.

Do you think that Nike should have released a more unique kit for the US national team or do you like the streamlined look of their kits? Let us know in the comments below.