Tons of Extraordinary New Boots - Tijuana's Unique Red Boots Rule Continues in 2017

With the 2017 Liga MX Clausura in full swing and with various new football boots released in the new year, we take a look at the most outstanding soccer cleats worn by Club Tijuana's players this season. And as Adidas released a Red Limit collection that shoes are allowed to be worn in the standard paint job by the players of the Mexican club, it are mostly Nike Tijuana players who stand out with their boot creations.

Mexican club Club Tijuana, who were founded in 2007 and whose biggest triumph is the 2012 Liga MX Apertura title, forces all players to wear only red boots. Their players are therefore regularly forced to customize the soccer cleats they get from their supplier in a way to be consistent with the boot rule. Club Tijuana currently is on the second place in the highest Mexican division.

Club Tijuana's Red Boots in 2017

Here are some of the most outstanding creations, ranging from the Nike Dark Lightning pack to the brand-new next-gen Nike Hypervenom Phantom III.

Ranging from the Nike Magista Obra II Dark Lightning boots to the next-gen Nike Hypervenom Phantom III soccer cleats, most cleats customized by the players are not perfect redouts but show some striking other colorful parts such as the collar and the sole plate.

Interestingly, no Club Tijuana sponsored by Adidas decided to paint over the brand-new Blue Blast collection but just kept their boots of the perfect-fitting Red Limit football boots collection.

What's your favorite redout boot? Do you think Club Tijuana's strange boot rule is old-fashioned and should be suspended? Let us know in the comments section below and find out more about the reasons behind Club Tijuana's red boots rule.