Adizero, Predator, Total 90 - Here Is Fernando Torres' Full Boot History

Fernando Torres made his first team debut in 2001 wearing a classic pair of black and white Nike Air Zoom football boots. 16 years later, the Spanish striker is again playing for his youth club Atlético, while he has worn a ton of different football boots since then. We take a look at the most remarkable of them as the Spanish international celebrates his 33th birthday today.

2001- 2013 - Fernando Torres Uses Total 90 Boots For Most Of His First 350 Games

Fernando Torres used the Nike Total 90 soccer cleat for almost twelve years as professional.

Fernando Torres made his first team debut wearing Nike Air Zoom Total 90 soccer cleats and used Nike's power boots in most of the matches in the following years, while he occasionally laced up both in Nike Air Legend Tiempo and Nike Mercurial Vapor boots.

Joining Liverpool in 2007, Fernando Torres became one of the main faces of the Nike Total 90 boots, joining Wayne Rooney.

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2013 - Fernando Torres Joins Adidas Before Nike Discontinues Total 90 Boots

In early 2013, there was a massive shock in the bot world as both Fernando Torres and Juan Mata ditched their Nike boots to switch to the white, blue and yellow Adidas Predator LZ football boots. It should soon come official that both of them joined the Three Stripes, while Fernando Torres switched between various different Adidas boots in the following years - including the Adidas Primeknit 2.0 football boots, the Adidas F50 Adizero, the Adidas X (after Adidas discontinued the Adizero and Predator) as well as the Adidas Ace.

Interestingly, Fernando Torres is one of the Adidas players who regularly laces up in Adidas' special football boot colorways such as the Solar Blue Adidas X and his latest choice, the white, blue and pink Adidas Ace 17.1 Primeknit.

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What's your favorite Torres boot? Have we forgotten any boot silo the Spanish striker used in his career? Let us know in the comments below.
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