Closer Look: Arsenal 2000-01 Home Shirt by Nike

Courtesy of our partner Classic Football Shirts, we bring you a closer look at one of the most popular jerseys released during Arsenal's time with Nike, the 2000-01 home.

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Arsenal 2000-01 Nike Home Kit

This is the home shirt worn by Arsenal during 00-01.

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Predominantly red and featuring white sleeves as always, the Arsenal 2000-01 jersey has a traditional collar and also boasts navy details both on the sides of said collar and in the form of a set of stripes running down each sleeve.

Since the Arsenal crest was only updated to the current one in 2002, this 00-01 shirt still features the old, more classic one. The iconic Dreamcast, in case you didn't know - Dreamcast is a 1999 console by Sega, sponsor logo sits below supplier and club logos on the center front.

Despite just one of many home shirts to remember from the Nike era, the Arsenal 2000-01 is still hold in regard by many supporters, as quite a few have voiced their disappointments over Puma's more recent efforts.

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