Ramsey to Rejoin New Balance?

Update #2: After Aaron Ramsey posted an image on Instagram of him wearing New Balance gear and added the hashtag #NBFootball ahead of yesterday's FA Cup match against Lincoln City FC, it now seems anything but certain that he will leave New Balance. However, he then again laced up in his blackout New Balance boots. Stay tuned how this story evolves.

Preparing for tomorrow’s Quarter-Final #NBFootball #FACup

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Aaron Ramsey Indicates That He Has Not Left New Balance on Instagram

Aaron Ramsey in yesterday's 5-0 win against Lincoln City FC.

Update: It is now almost certain that Ramsey will leave New Balance after he wore blackout boots in yesterday's Champions League clash against Bayern München.

Ramsey Debuts Mysterious Blackout Boots

Aaron Ramsey is expected to leave New Balance, while it is not knwon which brand he will join.

Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey returned from injury this week wearing blackout boots. Is he set to leave New Balance after almost three years?

Ramsey Returns to Training Wearing Blackout Boots

Close-up picture of the boots of the Arsenal midfielder.

Having worn New Balance's UK-made MiUK One football boot before he got injured, we do not now exactly what Aaron Ramsey was wearing as his blackout cleats are different to any boot we are aware off.

The fact that he was spotted wearing non-identifiable blackout football boots makes it difficult to say whether the 26-year Wales international will leave New Balance or if he tested an all-new next-gen soccer boot for the company.

Do you know what Aaron Ramsey was wearing in training this week? Do you think Ramsey will leave New Balance? Drop us a line below.
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