Release Immediate? Real Madrid Stars Train in Unreleased Adidas Ace and X Boots

After several Real Madrid players laced up in boots from the upcoming Adidas Turbocharge pack yesterday, scheduled for a launch in late March, it appears that the next Adidas soccer cleat collection will be already debuted this weekend.

James Rodriguez, Marcelo and Keylor Navas Show Off Adidas Turbocharge Boot Colorways

Close-up with the boots worn by James, Marcelo and Navas.

Boasting less bolder designs than the Adidas Blue Blast collection, the new Adidas Turbocharge 2017-2018 Turbocharge boots pack brings stunning green design to the Adidas Ace and X. Messi will also receive a new boot as part of the collection, even though his boots will be mainly gold with black applications and sleek green details.

Following today's evidence, it's well possible that the Adidas Turbocharge collection will be released earlier than originally expected.

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