First-Ever Flykit Vapor? Neymar Trains in Blackout Nike Mercurial Boots

Update: On Tuesday morning, Neymar gave the new blackout boots, most likely the next-gen Nike Mercurial Vapor XII, another runout on the pitch.

The new pictures of the clearest look at the cleats yet, including a first of the sole plate and stud layout, an area that's very similar to the current-gen Mercurial.

It was all smiles in the FC Barcelona training the morning after a crucial Clásico win at the Bernabeu. Neymar had extra reason to be happy as he was selected to try out a never-seen-before football boot for the first time.

Did Neymar Show Off the Next-Gen Nike Mercurial 2018 World Cup Boots?

Below you can see one of the images that were posted from the training.

Entirely blacked-out to mask features and shape, the shoes worn by Neymar are made by Nike and have a distinct Mercurial look to them. Most likely, they are the Vapor variant of the next generation of the Nike speed boot that will be released in time for 2018 World Cup.

In terms of shape and possible characteristics of the boots, what catches the eye initially is the mid-cut collar that is unlike anything Nike used on a Vapor before and shows a clear similarity to the Adidas X 16 model. It appears to made of knit, with the rest of the upper looking identical to the NikeSkin used on the Mercurial Vapor XI.

Compared to the current model, the boots worn by Neymar don't feature the characteristic speed-ribs along the upper, but it can nonetheless be made out that the upper has a 3-D structure to it, again not unlike the Adidas X.

From what we can see, the sole plate looks like the thing that's most similar to the current Nike Mercurial.

What do you think? Which boots did Neymar wear and what are your thoughts on the mid-cut collar? Drop us a line below.