Exclusive: Adidas to Discontinue Adidas Ace Football Boots?

We have received exclusive information that Adidas will discontinue the Adidas Ace soccer cleats in 2018. It is not known yet if there will be an Adidas Ace 18 football boot.

The Adidas Ace football boot silo was introduced in Summer 2015 together with the Adidas X football boot. There have been three generations of the Adidas Ace boot so far and two generations of the revolutionary laceless model of the Adidas Ace, the Adidas Ace PureControl.

Adidas to Release New Boot Silo Ahead Of 2018 World Cup

Ivan Rakitic trained in what is believed to be the Adidas Ace 18+ PureControl soccer cleat two months ago.

If our information turns out to be true, it would be the second new boot silo that is replaced by the Three Stripes after Adidas' boot revolution in Summer 2015. The German brand will replace the Messi exclusive Adidas Messi silo with the Adidas Nemeziz soccer cleat this summer.

However, compared to the Adidas Messi football boot, which is just worn by Messi and a few other players, the Adidas Ace is one of the currently two main silos of the Three Stripes. In fact, about the half of all Adidas players are wearing the Ace, with the other half wearing the X. However, the reason for Adidas to discontinue the Ace is believed to be that the X is the best sold boot.

There is no information yet which model will replace the Adidas Ace soccer boot yet. It currently seems most likely that Adidas will release an Adidas Ace 18+ PureControl boot in December 2017 before launching an-all new boot silo ahead of the 2018 World Cup.

It is not known if there will be an Adidas Ace 18 boot
In 2015, Adidas also released a new generation of the F50 Adizero before discontinuing the silo a few months later. But is it also possible that there will not be a new generation of the Adidas Ace at all.

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