Stunners? Nike Motion Blur 2017 Women's Boot Pack - On-Pitch Debut

The United States Women's national team earned a dominant 4-0 victory against Russia in Texas yesterday . We take a look at the on-pitch look of Nike's new Motion Blur Women's boot collection, which introduces bright designs for the Hypervenom, Magista, Mercurial and Tiempo.

Nike Motion Blur 2017 Women's Soccer Cleat Collection | On-Pitch

Compared to the Men's Nike Motion Blur pack, the new Nike Motion Blur Women's cleat collection introduces even brighter designs to stand out. The most outstanding boot of the collection is the Hyper Pink Nike Mercurial boot, which might be one of the boldest boots Nike ever released.

Unfortunately, no US Women's national team player laced up in the 'Tart' (orange) Nike Tiempo Legend VII Motion Blur Women's cleat yesterday, while several players opted for old Nike Women's football boots.

Men's Motion Blur or Women's Motion Blur pack? Which is your favorite? Drop us a line below.