Champions of Europe - Adidas Beats Nike in Football

Update: Juventus and Real Madrid secured their league title yesterday. This means that Adidas teams have won four of the five most important European leagues (all except the Ligue 1). The winners of the Portuguese league (Benfica) and Dutch league (Feyenoord) are also sponsored by Adidas.

Adidas Teams Win All Major European Titles League Expect French League

After Juventus and Real Madrid reached the final of the 2017 UEFA Champions League, the winner of this season's football brand battle between Adidas and Nike became certain. It would be the Three Stripes who would gain the top spot in football.

Adidas not only sponsors both UEFA Champions League finalists but also made the kits for all Europe League semi-finalists (Ajax and Manchester United reached the Europa League final yesterday). We take a look how Adidas currently dominates the soccer market.

Adidas Teams to Win At Least Three Big European Leagues

Adidas not only 'control' the European finals this season, the German brand is also the sponsor of Bundesliga's champions Bayern Munich and the sponsor of the supposable Premier League (Chelsea) and Serie A (Juventus) champions. La Liga's title race is not decided yet, even though Real Madrid is in the better position to win the trophy yet. Ligue 1 will be won by a Nike team (AS Monaco or Paris Saint-Germain).

But Adidas does not only dominate the race for the biggest titles, the German brand also regained the sales crown of Soccer Gear. According to Bloomberg, Adidas spent about 2.5 billion Euro ($2.7 billion) on marketing last year, in line with its guided range of 12 percent to 13 percent of revenue. It may add another 1 billion Euro to its marketing budget by 2020 if it maintains the ratio and lifts sales according to its financial targets.

Adidas and Nike have been also battling for the top spot in sales of football football boots in the past few years, with the German company the leader in 2017 yet, at least for us. Not only the brand's limited edition boot releases such as the Adidas Champagne pack proofed to be very popular amongst boot aficionados, Adidas' regular boot packs are also on spot.

Are you surprised that Adidas managed to reach the top spot in football again? Share your thoughts in the comments below.
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