All-New Pisa Logo + Name Revealed

Italian club Pisa, who were just relegated to the Serie C, started a vote for the club's new name and logo between two possible crests (AC Pisa or Pisa Sporting Club). After the winner of the first vote was certain (Pisa Sporting Club should become the club's new name), the club decided to offer the fans four different versions of the winning crest design. The result of the final Pisa Sporting Club 2017 crest vote was announced today.

New Pisa 2017 Logo

Here is the new Pisa Sporting Club 2017 crest.

Compared to the previous logo, which was mainly white, the new AC Pisa 2017 crest includes the club's black and stripes. Apart from that, it maintains many elements of the previous crest and such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

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