Official: League-Wide La Liga 17-18 Font Revealed

The new Barcelona shirt going on sale this morning confirmed last night's report regarding the league-wide La Liga typeface.

2017-18 La Liga Font

Check out the new La Liga 17-18 font on the Barcelona home kit below.

Inspired by Premier League, Ligue 1, MLS and other leagues with one-for-all fonts, La Liga will make this radical change for next season, with all teams, including Barcelona and Real Madrid, using the same typeface on the back of their shirts.

The new La Liga font features a modern design that is in some ways similar to the one used by Barcelona until 2015. Cutouts next to the edges of the numbers and letters reveal a second color, which is also used for the border. At the very bottom of each number is the respective logo of the club.

What stands out in a negative way is the extreme weight the numbers particular seem to have.

Do you like La Liga's move and the new font design? Drop us a line below, and check out the La Liga 17-18 jerseys in the Kit Overview.