Twente 17-18 Home, Away & Third Kits Released

Following up on the launch of the new Twente 17-18 home kit on May 11 2017, Dutch club Twente has unveiled its new away and third kits for the 2017-18 season today. The new FC Twente 17-18 jerseys are produced by Sondico.

Twente 17-18 Home Kit

This is the Sondico-made Twente 2017-2018 shirt.

A very simple design, the Twente 17-18 kit is almost completely red with white club and sponsor logos on the front. A few intricate details, such as the flag of the city of Enschede, which is worked into the sleeve cuffs, complete the Twente 2017-18 shirt.

Twente 17-18 Away Kit

This is the new Sondico Twente 2017-2018 away shirt.

The new Twente 2017-18 away kit is dark blue and navy. Interestingly, the template is very similar to Nike's Aeroswift jersey.

Just as it is the case with the new home shirt for the 17-18 season, the writing FC Twente is incorporated into the collar of the new Twente 17-18 away shirt. On the back is the club's name "FC Twente 1965".

FC Twente 2017-18 Third Kit

This is the new Twente 2017-2018 third shirt.

Twente's new third kit is light grey and dark grey, based on the same template as the home and away jerseys.

Light grey shorts and socks complete the new Twente 17-18 third kit.

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