Boot Watch #018 | International Duties Bring Diverse Spotting

We are back with a fresh new kickstart to our Boot Watch series, and just in time for Summer 2017's International events. With countries from far and wide preparing themselves for friendlies or qualifiers, the amount of interesting boot spots are at an all time high. Only so many can make our list today, let's see what they are.

Cristiano Ronaldo | Mercurial Superfly V CR7 CAMPEÕES

The man who's on top of his game at the moment has once again rolled out in custom wheels. Nike saw fit to gift their star man with another limited edition non-retail release of the Superfly, this one embodies the Country for which CR7 captains and after the season he's had, he actually deserves them. Much like every other Superfly Ronaldo has worn, the dynamic fit collar has been made to his specific standards (shorter than the retail versions), and the studs are his preferred SG-Pro variation.

Benjamin Henrichs | Adidas Glitch

Germany's defender is one of only a handful of professionals sporting the highly limited interchangeable boot silo from Adidas. Taking a bright perspective, Henrichs slipped on one of the Mirage Editions of the Glitch which provides an AgilityKnit forefoot. Yes, the same synthetic that was applied to the now discontinued Messi 16.1 and 16+ boots.

Paul Pogba | Adidas Ace 17+ PureControl Dust Storm

That's right Paul, We saw you. As the French and English International teams collided in what was a very exciting friendly, the usual big name players rolled onto the pitch sporting their usual footwear. However there seems to be something unusual about the particular boots Pogba slipped on... a very cheeky customization by the frenchman showed the neon yellow Adidas stripes being blacked out. Split black and white Purecontrols? Now that's something I'd fight for.

Francesco La Manna | Adidas World Cup

It's always interesting to see what the youth are lacing up on their feet, and it's even more interesting when they lace up in something way older than them. Young Francesco of the Juventus U15 team took us back to a simpler time in the football boot world with a 6-stud World Cup boots. Classier than this is pretty hard to find, well done Francesco.

Paolo Dybala | Adidas X17+ PureSpeed Blackout

This spotting actually makes me very happy. The moment Dybala had stepped into a pair of blackout Superfly V's months ago, I wanted him with Adidas. Now, seeing him in a blacked out pair of X17's makes me incredibly happy. Hopefully the deal goes through and Dybala can add an extra stripe to his forearm tattoo, he'd be an amazing addition to Adidas' roster of players.

Tim Cahill | New Balance Visaro 2

I always loved Tim Cahill, especially to see what boots he's wearing. From his days in Warrior boots, to his recent time in the Visaro line from New Balance. However much like all the other NB players, he seems to have opted for a modified version of the boot. Looks like only the soleplate has been swapped but doubt that's all. Honestly thought he'd be in the Furon rather than the Visaro... anyways the launch colorway of the second generation Visaro is still being used because unlike the other brands, NB doesn't constantly release new colors every month, not a bad thing if you ask me.

Nicolae Stanciu | Modified Nike Superfly IV

Like a lot of other players, this man had the courage to break his warranty with Nike. Taking scissors to the boots and ridding them of their dynamic fit collar has been pretty common, I guess Nike realized that when they got to their Hypervenom III. Goes to show that the ankle collar isn't what everyone thought it would be.

James Rodriguez | Adidas X17+ PureSpeed

So much talent here, besides his boots I truly hope James doesn't stay on Madrid's bench next season. His boots, like usual, are the latest and greatest from Adidas. Opting for the somewhat laceless X17 PureSpeed, James is still leading Colombia and can yet again surprise us all this upcoming World Cup.

Ronaldo | Nike Mercurial Vapor XI

Charity matches! My favorite place for boot spottings. I can go on and on about every single player there but I definitely had to squeeze in the legendary and original Ronaldo. Sporting a fresh pair of Vapors like in the good ol' days, his waist line may have changed but his choice of boots has not.

Martin Valjent | NikeID Mercurial Superfly V

As the Under-21 UEFA European Championships take place, a wide variety of boots have been spotted on the future stars of Europe. Poland's team is no exception, a handful of them recieved their very own custom NikeID boots to match their white and red kits. Beautiful touch from Nike and something Adidas should probably have gone for as well.

Dmitry Poloz | Adidas X17+ PureSpeed Confederations Cup

The opening game at the Russia 2017 Confederations World cup also took place recently, and just like any other major tournament, there are some nifty spots. This one is certainly a beautiful one, Russia's Poloz is see sporting the brand new X17 colorway by Adidas made specifically for the Confed cup. Goes well with that kit too.

Fernando Morientes | Adidas AdiPower Predator

Here's a gorgeous football boot. Between amazing performance, legendary status and modern technology, the AdiPower remains one of my all time favorite Predators. This man knows his boots and definitely earned the last spot in this weeks boot watch.

Hope you enjoyed the new boot watch, please let us know if you have another spot or found error in our work.
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